Climate & Geoengineering: all materials

Amid a growing storm of protest stretching across four continents, the Federal Environment Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, has reportedly called for the German research vessel, RV Polarstern, to halt its controversial ocean fertilization experiment. 8 Jan 2009
Delays, drama and diversions dog U.N attempts to reign-in commercial geo-engineers 29 May 2008
The Coalition Against Biopiracy* exposes Hooks and celebrates Cogs 20 May 2008
191 countries agree to a landmark moratorium on ocean CO2 sequestration 25 Dec 2007
Intergovernmental scientific body fires shot across geoengineer’s bow 21 Jun 2007
Claiming to protect the planet from greenhouse gases, geo-engineer, Planktos, Inc., is poised to dump iron in waters off the Galapagos Islands and thumbing its nose at the International Maritime Organization and the US government 18 Jun 2007
ETC Group Warns that US Government’s Push for Geoengineering is Unacceptable 31 Jan 2007
With hopes for Kyoto dimming, some governments may conclude that massive earth restructuring is the only feasible way out 31 Jan 2007