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ETC Group needs your support to stop US biohackers and private biotech firm, Genome Compiler Corporation, from carrying out the first ever, intentional release of organisms created through synthetic biology. 10 Jul 2013
Ingredients, Flavours, Fragrances and Synthetic Biology 2 Jul 2013
Stop the spread of synthetic biology 5 Jun 2013
Article from Huffington Post 27 May 2013
Jim Thomas - Huffington Post 13 May 2013
Email sent by Antony Evans 7 May 2013
ETC Group and Friends of The Earth request a halt to Synthetic Biology project. 7 May 2013
Letter sent by ETC Group and Friends of the Earth to USDA APHIS 7 May 2013
ETC and Friends of the Earth request Kickstarter Inc to Cancel the 'Glowing Plants' Project 7 May 2013
World Social Forum Event organized by La Via Campesina, GRAIN and ETC Group 4 Apr 2013
Full links and background on the 2012 ocean fertilization scheme by HSRC. 28 Mar 2013