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Scientific Review Rejects the HGDP

NRC Signals Need For Ethical Strategy to Protect Diversity. HGDP Opponents Vindicated After Five Years of Controversy

A US National Research Council (NRC) report released October 21 has unambiguously rebuffed the controversy-plagued Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP), a project that proposed to collect DNA samples from over 700 groups of people - mostly indigenous communities - from around the world.

US Government Dumps the Hagahai Patent

Official Notice to Coincide with Human Rights Day

After months of indecision and confusing signals, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has finally put an end to its internationally-denounced patent on the human cell line of a Hagahai indigenous person from Papua New Guinea. I hope this is the end of what is arguably the most offensive patent ever issued." says Alejandro Argumedo of the Canada-based Indigenous Peoples' Biodiversity Network (IPBN).

Un brevet pour la vie

L'aboutissement recent de la negociation du GATT et la signature de la Convention sur la diversite biologique ont place les droits de propriete intellectuelle au premier plan des relations Nord-Sud.
Les decisions prises en la matiere, notamment en ce qui a trait aux ressources du regne vegetal, ont d'importantes implications pour la securite alimentaire, l'agriculture, le developpement rural et l'environnement de tous les pays, au Nord comme au Sud. Pour ces derniers en particulier, l'incidence de la propriete intellectuelle sur les agriculteurs, les societes rurales et la biodiversite revetira une extreme importance.

Laws of Life

Another Development and the New Biotechnologies

It is more than a year since the Dag Hammarskjöld Seminar at Bogève and in Geneva. We have tried our best to retain the spirit of those important discussions while updating the information. The pace of technical, political and corporate change makes both the data and the analysis something of a moving target. No doubt we have sometimes missed our mark.